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Ann and Chris Frederick of Stretch To Win are the creators of Fascial Stretch Therapy®, a unique system of therapy and training that dramatically improves your flexibility by lengthening your fascia.  Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and invests all structures of the body. The problem is that fascia will thicken and shorten when any of your tissues are under stress from poor posture, lack of exercise, injury, surgery, disease or over-training.  While many therapies can help these conditions, only FST can completely treat inflexible fascia at the deepest level - your joint capsule. After we help make all of your layers of fascia become more pliable and hydrated, then joint range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility immediately improves making it easier for you to train and maintain.

Beth Giorgi is a Certified Level 3 Fascial Stretch Specialist.  Stretch to Win Fascial Stretch Therapy® has been the missing link in her sessions with her clients. When she started in personal training, there were many clients who, in addition to their fitness training, were trying to eliminate pain or discomfort. She always felt frustrated because, in addition to teaching them proper technique, she wanted to eliminate their pain and discomfort as well. When she worked with yoga students she would notice differences in the way each student moved their body and wondered what caused these patterns of movement. She also had her own questions. She had injuries to her own body and wondered how she was going to heal herself. When she experienced Level 1 Stretch to Win Fascial Stretch Therapy®, she realized it was the answer to many of the questions just mentioned. We want our bodies to function at their highest levels everyday. She knew that she must move forward with Stretch to Win Fascial Stretch Therapy ® technique in order to effectuate these changes in her clients and herself. She strives to provide the highest quality service and knowledge possible for each and every client. Her plans to keep her education progressing is constant. Her hope is to teach people to become mobile, have love and comfort of self, enjoy the present moment, and live a happy healthy life!

Each session with Beth, utilizes skills and exercises from the following areas to achieve your goals:
- Completed EMP (Ethical Massage Practitioner program)
- Certified CFSS (Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist)
- Certified RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)
- Certified Personal Trainer
- Mattes Method
- Zhealth Training
- Yoga Tuneup Training


- Come clean and well washed
- Wear comfortable and appropriate workout clothing
- Men wearing loose shorts are required to wear spandex shorts underneath
- PLEASE NOTE: At this time ONLY CASH OR CHECK is accepted as payment.  Sorry for any inconvenience.



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